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Did Covid Determine Trump’s Fate – In part but not Entirely!

As the results of the US election start to sink in, to an audible collective sigh of relief around the world, I would like to comment on some feedback I received to my recent NZ Herald article “Covid-19 could determine US Election”: In the article, referred to Shawn Tulley’s Article in Fortune, 24 October 2020, […]

Trump vs Ardern and why Covid-19 could determine US Election

Here is my article in today’s New Zealand Herald on the upcoming US Presidential elections. NZ Herald 3 Nov, 2020 09:09 AM7 minutes to read Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and US President Donald Trump have had markedly different responses to Covid-19. Photo / File NZ Herald As many in the free world hold their […]

Contact Tracing Tool Disabled!

Be wary, the much lauded Apple Bluetooth contact tracing tool (as opposed to the government’s wholly inadequate “digital diary”) was working perfectly well on my IPhone until I installed the latest update iOS 14, only to find the tool has been disabled and cant be re-enabled.  Evidently, Apple knows about the issue. This is hopeless. How are […]

Fighting Covid-19 without Undermining our Democratic Values

Covid -19 has been described as the “invisible enemy”. While that is undoubtedly correct, the real dilemma is how we fight this invisible enemy without undermining our long-standing democratic values, including the right to personal privacy. It is clear that the government, through the Ministry of Health, has struggled to contact trace those with the […]

Do you want to live in a surveillance state?

The news that Sky City intends to install facial recognition cameras in its casino, supposedly as part of its Covid -19 contact tracing obligation and that the Police have been secretly trialling facial recognition system, without consultation with the Privacy Commissioner should serve as a wake-up call for New Zealand. The public needs to be […]

NZ Covid Tracer App Arrives

The government’s contact tracing app, or “digital diary” according to the Prime Minister, has gone live. It seems that once the app is downloaded users are required to scan QR codes to log the places they have visited, rather than using Bluetooth pings to locate other nearby users. Each business in the country, including restaurants […]

Covid -19 and Copyright

I hope you are taking care and coping with the difficulties caused by Covid-19. With social distancing and potential self-isolation one benefit might be, that it will enable us to catch up with our reading. While the pandemic is overshadowing everything at the moment, and understandably so, if you have some time to yourself, you […]


Very pleased to have presented in Wellington and Auckland this week for IPSANZ on the ever-live topic of trade mark non-use. Here are the opening and closing (takeaway) slides. Give me a call if you are interested in discussing or getting more details.